The Digital Archives Research Group, sponsored by the College of Arts and Letters at the University of Southern Mississippi, consists of a diverse group of scholars committed to exploring how digital archives can be productively harnessed by humanities scholars to experiment with new methodologies, projects, and pedagogies.

Regardless of discipline, the growing presence of digital archives has challenged scholars to ask innovative questions about their research and teaching, presenting a number of new challenges in the classroom, as well as new opportunities for incorporating archival materials in research and teaching.

The Digital Archives Research group is committed to exploring how archives might be used by scholars and students to unsettle conventional practices, pedagogies, and methodologies in the humanities. Inspired by the recent turn to digital humanities, the group is guided by two questions. First, how have digital archives changed our understanding of the archive and archival materials (and, consequently, our understanding of our research)? And second, how might digital archives be productively used by humanities scholars to create new projects, collaborations, and research?